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First of all this game is demonstration edition. So in case you will like it then then go to developer's website where you'll discover total version which is not just will have three (!) Romancable characters but also have an improved and updated fucky-fucky scenes . The genre of the game isn't surprising - that is a book that is visual. And as it must be with novel games you will get a quality art, a lot of dialogs and a momenst of choice where you will determine on where the story will go next. And do not leave behind that this is hentai game therefore that the exact first-ever choice you will have to perform in this game will probably be between"Cum inside her" and then"tug"! Also you can skip all teh dialogs if you are here only for hentai scenes yet you still will have to make choices so try not to skip all the dialogs at least during your very first walkthrough.
Three dozens (!) Of episodes are already done but looks like our brave group of heroes is not even likely to stop on their way to catch and fuck all the pussymons of their world. So get prepared to play sequence 31 which has quite short name"Icy". The story so much is youpersonally, DOT and Pinqueegem quickly came back to the Pussymon Hunter Society since you're really worried of the previous massage you have from Master Oswald recently... but what are they find here and what new experiences this can make them to take part in you may understand only in the event you will play the game yourself. After all this game is story oriented so let's not spoil the joy. However, what is undoubtedly not spoiling teh devotee is the fact that in this episode you will meet 7 new pussymons, 27 new cartoons, fresh esater eggs and a number of other things!
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