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Inside this parody you may once more meet your beloved characters in"Fairy Tail" - Lucy, Erza, Natsu and Gary! And yet this is also a manga porn parody you will see what they usually do when they get some free-for-all time - ! One by one you will see Lucy and Erza having some sort of competitions on who is nicer at sucking stiffy or whose tits are better for a tit banging. What about teh men? Well, seems like they are prepared tp become a part of competitions every day! To switch between the scenes use control buttons in the upper part of game screen - you can go to the next scene or take one step back to previous if you have not liked it enough. Additionally there will be a button that permits to switch inbetween dolls! And even more hentai parodies on"Fairy Tail" one can find on our site!
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Did you know that math can be far more exciting if you will add some big-boobed anime girls to it? It is true and that's the reason this is third edition of this game! The overall gameplay rule is elementary - all you need to do is to solve simple mathematial task before the time will run out and to type it in. If reaction will be correct then you will not only get to the next level but also unlock fresh hentai picture from in-game gallery! If you will happen to make a error or the time limit won't be neough you will take one step back and get back to the prior level. So try to keep focused on math than on chesty anime nymphs doing kinky things if you want to observe the entire gallery (which will be accessible once you can conclude all the rounds). Fantastic luck!
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