Katies diaries Ep. 4

It's time for Chapter four of Katie's diary which is called"Both ways". And yes - her slutty girlfriend Brandy will require some part in tonight's escapade also! The story begins with Katie is not feleling herself such a cockslut anymore - her friend Brandy has far more practice in railing and fucking big beefstick all night long! Our Katie needs to if not to equal the rating however, to know her secrets... to equal the score in future of course! But do this ginger-haired tramp tell anything for her if you really want to understand then you'll have toplay the game. Do not worry - it won't take an excessive amount of time or brain cells. Plus it has youthful whorish redhead teenagers inside who would like to fuck all of the time! So it results in a question - does every chick on earth has a journal such as this ?

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