Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.095)

Cosplay Convention signifies a great deal of super-cute looking chicks in cute looking suits with their favourite characters. But since this is also an adventure game then Cosplay Convention also will mean the battle against Evil Witch who has cursed all the cosplayers and they are under her ownership. So it is really good that you got to the place afterward and your accomplice had to wait for you near the entrance - now you are two peoplae who has not gotten under evil witch's spell and now can fight back. However, this fighting will probably be contrary to other cosplayers also it may be so extreme that their costumes nighttime wind up becoming seriousle bruised... didn't we said that besides this escapade this game is likewise an sensual? Once you know it - have some joy!

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Nite with Kelly

In this game you'll be playing with guy named Mark. And his principal aim for tonight is to tempt Kelly, lure her to bed and fuck her already! To do so you will need to use talking and situations the perfect way. For instance at some stage of narrative she'll leave behind her purse and you'll try to come back it to her in the women locker room - it's all your choice where the conversation goes and what's going to kelly consider you when you may meet her next time somewhere else. And do not leave behind that you aren't the only boy who wants to fuck sexy blonde Kelly tonight - so you finer to pick your phrases and deeds strategic and attentive! Story driven gameplay together with dialogue alternatives and sensual minigames - feel yourself a real seducer of blond bombshells tonight!

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