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Fuck Town: Great Job

Fucktown is a streak of anime porn games that shows you can get laid no matter what task you've got. But that's the issue - in this particular game you've got none! So you want to get placed then you nicer find it and take action as shortly as you possibly can. And like in a true town in Fucktown to receive a job you will have to go on interviews. There you will be answering for diffferent questions requested by three unique femmes. And ofcourse most of them will be hot looking chicks so you already know what to do - pass on the interviewand get the job, get laid with the interviewer! Throughout the game ou will get laid for 3 occasions - every time with fresh woman but only in case you will provide appropriate answers! Enormous tits - Is there some better motive on obtaining a job at all in the whole planet (and not only in Fucktown)?

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