Jordan 500 Stories: Shy Mike the Investor

This is the new episode of the show "Jordan 500 Stories". Jordan 500 and her girlfriend Brook hangout together at a party where lots of rich investors accumulated. On the other hand, the party turns out to be terribly sketchy and the women are already thinking of leaving and finding a much better celebration. Suddenly, Brook offers Jordan a contest: the girls are going to seduce a couple of guys and see which of them will make more for your sexy sexual intercourse. Today Jordan is not able to conquer her competitor, and you'll help her in this! To begin with, you need to meet a guy and talk him into gender, picking the appropriate answers. The man is very shy and indecisive, and healso has a spouse. Offer him their services and convince him to agree,and after that go to his place. There you may have two scales - passion and stress. You need to choose the right words and action to reduce the pressure scale as much as possible and boost the passion - that will determine how muchmoney you will earn and whether you will win a contest with Brook. You will see many different sexual scenes, in addition to punishments for your losing competition in the end - undergo the game several times to try out each of them!

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