Behind the Dune

How about going on a excursion to some faraway world? You are the heir to the dynasty. Your name is Paul Atreydis. The game"Dunes" takes place in a galaxy of a remote future under the control of a interstellar empire, where feudal families possess entire planets. "Dune" tells the story of a youthful aristocrat whose family increases control of the planet Arrakis. From the hills of Arrakis a distinctive substance is expressed -"spice". But in this game there's a place not just to the extraction of the spices and the uprisings. Here you'll see a world where fuck-a-thon and lovemaking are flourishing. And in entirely depraved forms. Use game mouse and objects to interact with the game. You can have bang-out with any doll or have a homosexual relationship. And this is only the start of the story. You can build your own empire and destroy enemies. Let's embark playing.

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