Tentacles Thrive Alpha Draft v2.08

A distant fairy kingdom in which elves and individuals live peacefully. A unusual cataclysm occurred once and strange creatures showed up on the ground. She also kidnaps damsels and kiss them. And fellows are killed. The principal character of this game is Lilith. She is the principal investigator in the royal castle. She's sent into a undertaking that was dangerous. Lilith must learn monsters to work out how to kill them. Thus Lilith goes on a trip. Her path is located at the Sacred Garden. There she starts to look for creatures. Surely Lilith must delve in every thicket, every cave, each fuck-hole to locate signs. But she has to be quite careful. In the event the monsters notice Lilith, they'll rape her into a taut and tight pink honeypot. Assist Lilith right now.

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