Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic Inflation Adventure

The game begins with a moment when main hero (which is the participant ofcourse) wakes up in room that resembles his own but that he knows it is not his room for some reason. The next thing he finds out about this dawn freaks him out even more - he had been transformed to Sonic! Yeah, the blue hedgehog out of a videogame Sonic! May be he should not enjoying too much videogames the night before? Or may be that will be the thickest escapade of their lifetime? Well, this question might need to wait since Knuckles is calling and wanst to know if Sonic (who is currently you!) Are going to accompany him in the casino tonight in which they might find a couple hot chicks and have joy with them all night lengthy. And these chicks will be Amy or even Rouge - yes, you will have an chance to select which one you like more...

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Echidna Makes Love To Bat

This short cartoon film is truly funny. Some bat is making love into a personality similar to Super Sonic, Echidna. She tickles red hero with her juicy boobs, then provides a fantastic blowjob andjumps onto his rock hard dick.

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