legend of lust

The Legend of LUST – Dungeon (5th update)

Once again you are welcomed to have a sneal peek into the world of significant anime porn rpg escapade game"The Legend of Lust". But even however this game is still under development process you can already try to play with it if you will download it from developer's official site. If you want to play with a presentation first-ever then we have it here and now. This upgrade will showcase you fresh level which is called"Dungeon". Just as you might hope it will be crammed with hot girls stringing up upside down or imprisoned in stone so anyone may use them in almost virtually any fuckhole he will want to. Also you may have some fun with this curvy crimson skinned succubus you've seen a number of times in additional presentation updates before. Just do not forget to check the full version if you'll enjoy this one!

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The Legend of LUST – Upsidedown (7th update)

There's a huge game which tells a big story about the adventures of demon named Lust. It is even called"The legend of Lust". But because this large game is constantly under development process writers use the opportunity to showcase it to you through diminutive demonstartion amounts out of it. This game will give to you a duo missions where you could have a look at the primary characters, assignment structure, fundamental turn-based mechanics of conflict gameplay and ofcourse see some hentai scenes with hot succubus as reward for winning. Ofcourse if you will enjoy it you may try to play with the major game which might not be finished around a hundred perscent however but still you can see everything that you luved in this petite demonstration and ofcourse a great deal more of wild articles!

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