GD: Perfect Negotiations

In this game you will understand Peter's narrative. He's fairly succesfull in his job while he's youthfull enough he's currently a mind manager at a few of the largest packaging production businesses. Using what talents he made himself into position similar to this? Well, he is extremely good in regards to talks. Even if he will need to bring some rather intimate and private elements into negotiations process. And even it happens to be a negotiations with another male Peter nevertheless ready to move further than any of his co-workers because he does not head about having hump with othe rguy whatsoever... peculiarly if it is going to bring not just joy to him but also a business achievement to his company! And you'll be able to take a closer look at his approaches if you dare to play with this game!

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This game is a upgraded version of the previous"Re:Maid" anime porn visual book. As writer says to read all the texts and conversation lines in the game you will need more than 7 hours! But ofcourse the only play-through will require way more briefer period of the own time. Peculiarly in the event that you've played and now want to match it by making the otehr choices when possible. The game takes place in modern times. Main hero is doing all of the usual tasks like visiting the school or shopping. Ofocurse this everyday routine is going to be bothered increasingly more with all the various women that our hero will meet on his way. Interesting enough that about some of them he could dream while masturbating... but in case you will make the ideal choices these dreams might turn out to be rather real!

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Soda sexo

This cartoon is about a guy who is obsessed with sex. He is obsessed with romp so much that one evening that he even decided to pay a visit to a therapist - it isn't a joke if you imagining nude ladies all the time wherever you go! After listening to his narrative (with pictures - no one forgot that there ought to be erotic moments in the game, yes?) Doc determined to give this guy one special pills. Can and what they really do they help him? This is soemthing that you will learn only if you could observe the story till the end. It's a cartoon which lasts few minutes and do not have some gameplay elements in it so it won't take too much of the time to see it. And ofcourse if you are going to like it you may go to our site where you will find more sexy animations and hentai games!

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