Star Moans

"Star Moans: The Lust awakens" is new hentai game parody for"Star Wars" (who could believed?) From famous"Meet and Fuck" series. Meet (and afterward from the game - fuck) your dearest (or not - it's up to you really) characters from sequence VII of saga. As an instance in first-ever scene you will see Kylo Ren questioning Rey using emotional force trick... but the suggestion goes wrong and rather than getting replies he makes Rey impressively horny! And what a bad guy Kylo Ren is if not utilize moments like this? And this starts titty fucking minigame! So play with the game and meet other personalities - Finn, Captain Phazma, Chewbacca as well as many others in sitiations more kinky! Based on movie story with comedy and a lot of fuck-a-thon scenes - you do not even have to be a fan to enjoy this game. But finer should be.

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