space program

Fuck Town: Space Exams

What haven't we attempted to perform in Fuck city yet? To send an expidition in space - that is what! And seems like you'll grow to be the first-ever offender. But leap from your space match nevertheless - very first you will have to pass couple tests and may be just then you will be enlisted on your group. The tests you'll need to pass are on astronomy, computer science, science, anatomy of human assets. Moreover, you will need to showcase your abilities at staff work. And because this space agency relies in Fuck town all your examinators will be hot anime girls! And since this is a hentai game - every time you'll pass the exam you'll be rewarded with interactive and hot hook-up scene! So explore the space centre and find all the figures you will need to receive all the stamps and unlock all hentai scenes! Mars expects!

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