Sperm Anal Odyssea

If you believe a arcade game could be based on any thme including the sensual ones then you're probably perfect. Because this second game is based upon the experiences of a spermatosid throughout his odyssey thru... ass fucking! If you have not this page immediatley then you are probably got curious andmay be willing to play with this game. In this case there's what you will need to learn about contorl scheme. To proceed upper you should click on your left mouse button and release it to go down. Sometime the screen will go red which will invert the controls (meaning that if you will click mouse button then youw ill return rather than the upside down as before) so you indeed should listen to thsoe moments. Also collect green pills and try to avoid any otehr hurdles.

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Wrong analysis

Man went to a doctor and doctor asked him to create diagnoses. When nurse gave him little cup and left him cabinet alone he thought that she needs a semen. When nurse saw what's inside of this cup she had been quite shocked.

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