Fritz and Harriet

This game is all about furries. This really is a hentai game therefore the majority of the games will be shown thru the lovemaking scenes without telling you a lot of narrative. Also the graphics here might not be the very finest in the genre however because the game itself is fairly brief you still can give it a chance. At least in case you want to see curvy feminine horse fur covered getting fucked by male kitten hairy in a few really dirty street of a really dirty city. You may choos eone of 3 scenes - doggy, oral intercourse and assfucking invasion lovemaking. Each scene will have levels of force that you can choose from. When you determine to see the pop-shot culmination just click the button - each scene has I's own variation of jizz flow. You then can to rewatch teh arena or go back to prior menu and then watch another scene.

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